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Conquer those January Blues

Updated: Jan 13, 2020


With the evenings still long and dark, half of your friends not drinking and the sparkle of the festive season worn off, I thought it might be a good time to share some inspiration for fun things to do. This is inspired by a poster my boyfriend got me where you scratch off each one of 100 activities as you do them. Any time we have a free evening or weekend day and we're bored, we do an online random number generator and then challenge ourselves to do whatever activity correlates to that number. We can only pick a new number once we've researched the activity and checked it really isn't possible to do that day (normally circumstantial / geographical limitations). If the activity is possible in the near future then we book it in (buy tickets / reserve a place / allocate a day to do it in the diary) and then pick a new number for the day itself. It is amazing to experience the random things you end up doing when you are being spontaneous. These are great as date nights, evenings out with friends or just to do on your own.

I have included my favourites in the list below and numbered them so if anyone wants to play the game they can; just click the generator link above and get going! Let's make these cold winter evenings more fun and get some great stuff booked in for later in the year! And don't forget to share what you get up to with us by tagging @revelsinhand on Twitter or Instagram.

1. Go for afternoon tea (apparently the Savoy does the best in town)

2. Visit an aquarium

3. Play at an arcade

4. Visit a Film Festival / go to the cinema (the BFI's festival is in October this year)

5. Go to a sports event

6. Bake a cake

7. Go to the ballet

8. Be a tourist in your own city (you can get a great view of the city from the Ting bar at the Shangri-La hotel)

Shangri-La hotel at the shard view from the suite
Staying the night at the Shangri-La Hotel last year

9. Go on a boat

10. Go bowling (our favourite in London is All Star Lanes)

11. Go to a brewery

12. Rent a pet (Borrow My Doggy is great for pup-lovers)

13. Go to a cheese tasting (or buy the cheese to do your own)

14. Go paint-balling

15. Go dance in a night club

Miss Baby Sol holding the microphone up to actor Henry GIlbert at a night in Nolita Social at the Bulgari Hotel Knightsbridge
We recommend Miss Baby Sol's nights at Nolita Social

16. Go to a cocktail making class (or buy the ingredients to make your own from scratch)

17. Read in a coffee shop

18. Go to a comedy show

19. Cook a new dinner or lunch recipe from scratch

20. Go to a Circus or a circus performance

21. Get a massage (Lucy recommends Sabai Leela in Earls' Court)

22. Take a dance class

23. Go to a fancy restaurant (our absolute fave is obviously The Ivy)

24. Do an exercise class

25. Go horse riding

26. Explore a new area (in your own city or beyond)

27. Eat fish and chips and go for a walk on a beach

28. Go fruit picking

29. Go to an ice-cream parlour

30. Go gin tasting (If you're in London, Sipsmith do brilliant ones)

31. Go fishing

32. Visit an exhibition (current London top tip: Wildlife Photography Exhibition)

33. Go trampolining

34. Go on a bike ride

35. Attend a ghost tour

36. Go on a road trip (if you don't drive then get on a train to somewhere new)

37. Go wine tasting (can be easily done at a Vagabond Wines)

38. Book a weekend away

39. Take a cooking class

40. Go to a Jazz Bar

41. Go to a farmer's market

42. Go kayaking

43. Go to a food festival

44. Go to a funfair

45. Go to a live music gig

46. Visit a vintage fair or some vintage shops (there are some wonderful ones around Soho, like Wow Retro!)

47. Go to a water park

48. Visit an outdoor cinema

49. Go to a karaoke bar

50. Play Ping Pong

51. Feed some ducks in a park

52. Go to the races

53. Go on a double date (great if you're single or if you're with someone)

54. Play Lazer-tag

55. Buy and play a new video game

56. Go on a hot air balloon ride

57. Go Ice skating

58. Go to a pottery class or pottery painting session

59. Have your palm read

60. Play mini golf (Putt in the Park is great)

61. Go to the Opera

62. Play Bingo

63. Go skinny dipping (best not to do this one alone probably!)

64. Go to a painting class

65. Have a picnic in the park

66. Go to a musical

And Juliet West End
'And Juliet' is currently the hottest ticket in town

67. Go and play pool in a bar (Greenwood in Victoria has some great pool tables, or get out of London and head down to Cornwall!)

68. Organise a fancy dress party

69. Go to a quiz night or do your own at home

70. Rent a pedalo

71. Go for brunch

72. Make a chocolate fountain / fondue

73. Go rock climbing

74. Go to a farm

75. Go roller-skating

76. Go snorkelling / scuba-diving

77. Go to a spa

78. Go star gazing somewhere quiet (Wimbledon Common or Hampstead Heath are pretty great)

79. Go to a theme park 80. Go to the theatre (ideally a Go People or Revels In Hand show)

Revels in Hand Theatre in the Clouds show at the Shangri-La Hotel on the 39th floor of the Shard
Watch out for our next Theatre in the Clouds shows

81. Get in a hot tub

82. Go to a botanical garden

83. Go to a bookshop and buy something for yourself or for the person you're there with (in London we recommend Foyles or Daunt Books, and in NYC we recommend Strand Bookstore)

84. Go to a roof top bar (loads of goodies in East London)

85. Go and explore the countryside

Oxfordshire countryside in the winter on a clear day with bare branched trees in the foreground
The Cotswolds aren't far away and provide gorgeous views

86. Go to an Escape Room

87. Ride a horse and cart

88. Buy a new board game / have a games night (we recommend The Mind or Articulate)

89. Watch a sunset

90. Go camping

91. Ride a segway

92. Go whisky tasting

93. Go on a treasure hunt / make up your own for someone else

94. Go go-karting

95. Go to a music festival

96. Go to the zoo

97. Host a dinner with friends

98. Go for a proper hike

99. Buy an arts and crafts project and do it (think paint by numbers or crochet your own unicorn)

100. Have a candle lit bath and listen to music

Hope you enjoy! And if you'd like to tick off number 80, we can help. Subscribe to our mailing list, subscribe to our blog or follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

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