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6 Top Wedding Planning Ideas

Updated: Jun 23


Mr and Mr gay wedding with singer addressing the couple and a flash mob choir appearing in the audience

‘Tis the season of weddings at Revels In Hand HQ with one founder just engaged, another just married in a month and myself heading to ten weddings in total this year. I am very excited (if not slightly exhausted) by the idea of having my very own summer of Love so below are 6 of my favourite  wedding decor tips that I’ve picked up along the way so far: 

1. Corks If my friends are anything to go by, most newly engaged couples get showered in bottles of bubbles and what better use for all those corks than to collect them and put them towards the wedding. With a little bit of love from a pen knife they can make gorgeous rustic place name holders for your tables without any expense or much effort.

2. Bottles If you want to take that even further the bottles can make wonderful candle sticks or flower vases. Especially lovely if each of the bottles has been from special dinners or celebrations throughout your engagement. If you’re really good you can make a note of what they’re from and name your tables according to what bottle memory they are! 

3. Wedding Favours There are so many different options for these but making anything in bulk to then split up seems like the most cost effective way. I’ve seen mini bottles of home made sloe gin, little jars of home made lip balm, honey pots, home baked marshmallows... I think for this one it’s always worth wracking brains for any friend you have who has a skill they can put to use or a fun business that might donate something cool (mutually beneficial potentially). Other fun ideas include fortune cookies, truffles, sparklers, homemade soaps, origami, honeycomb, fudge, jam, chutneys or one of my favourites... a pre-mixed little spice mix bottle! 

4. Confetti The movement towards needing biodegradable confetti is an excellent one but those dried petals don’t come cheap... so if you can be bothered... making your own is well worth it. Buy loads of cheap flowers from a wholesaler and just lay all the petals out either to air dry or else in a low heated oven if you want to speed it up. It takes a bit of time but saves a lot of money!! Or you can just use fresh petals!

5. Cake If you want to do the traditional cake cutting then having one layer to slice can be more than enough - for the rest having cupcakes can be by far the best way to go. If you have baking friends who can do a batch each for you then even better! Other options are the wonderful cheese cakes layered with circles of different coloured cheeses; doughnut stacks - because....yummy; or even towers of meringues which can look gorgeously bridal if sprayed with some edible metallic sprays. 

6. Readings

It is always one of the trickiest elements of planning a wedding - to find words that really mean something and really say what you want to say. At Revels In Hand we offer a bespoke theatrical twist to your average reading by doing extracts from your favourite play or movie in live action. A thrilling way to entertain your guests and add a special something. Another wonderful solution is to get someone to write something personally for you and we would highly recommend The Wedding Whisperer. She meets with you and gets to know your story as a couple as well as speaking to any friends or family before creating a truly magical poetic reflection of what you want to say.

If you're interested in having Revels in Hand add some theatrical magic to your special day, just get in touch on revels@wearegopeople.com

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