We're now bringing intimate, world-class theatre to your space using the latest virtual reality technology.

Virtual Events with the Revellers

We're now bringing intimate, world-class theatre to your space using the latest technology.

We now offer a Zoom-scene and a Virtual Reality service. Allow our theatrical experts to curate the perfect selection of scenes for your online or VR event. Whether you want to do something special for your mothers' birthday or you want your online meet-and-greet to stand out from the pack, we can deliver the perfect low-maintenance entertainment, performed by our incredible team of classically trained, West End actors.

Watch previous examples of our Zoom scenes below and get in touch for more information.

At Home Wine Tasting and Theatre!

The restaurants are open and travelling abroad is possible again! Are you still feeling a bit jittery about going out into the big wide world though? We've got the solution just for you.


Revels in Hand have partnered up with luxury wine specialists Honest Grapes to offer a wine tasting with a difference. For more information or to book the Drinks and Drama experience on Zoom, you can read a review of the experience here or just email us for more information.

"Bravo and brava to the performers and hats off to Honest Grapes!"

Scottish Field

Bespoke VR

From Summer 2021, Revels in Hand will be working alongside LIVR to create bespoke, fully immersive, 360° VR experiences that bring intimate theatrical performances directly to your clients, wherever they are.


Simply pull on our specalised VR goggles and marvel as you're transported to the best seat in the house at one of our exclusive performances.  We can even work alongside you to create something new, filmed and performed in your own space, enabling future viewers to place the goggles over their eyes and see the very room they're sitting in suddenly come to life.


Allow us to showcase your product in the most magical way possible: Whether it's a yacht deck, a piece of jewellery or a private aircraft 41,000 ft high in the air, we can deliver a brand partnership that is truly unforgettable.





  • Our world-class team of actors and creatives will produce a bespoke piece of theatre to suit your space and brand, selecting the perfect play or extract to entertain your clients and show off your product.

  • All we need is access to the space for a morning or afternoon to record the footage, using our top-of-the-line 360° VR recording equipment.

  • The show is then uploaded onto headsets for a one-off immersive experience or, if desired, for a repeatable offering to future clients in the same space.

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