Lockdown Efforts

Are you missing live entertainment? Have you completed Netflix? Are you just as worried as us about the dire straits of the theatre industry? In an attempt to meet the growing desire for lockdown entertainment as well as the urgent need to continue employing and supporting our incredible actors and creatives, Revels in Hand are now offering both an online and an in-person, socially-distanced theatre service. 

Sweet are the uses of adversity 

As You Like It, William Shakespeare

Before you go any further, check out our Zoom-style Remote Revellers recordings. We've done scenes from Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and Noël Coward, with actors such as Evvy Miller,  Mark Donald, Ellie Ross, Jamie Saterthwaite and Greer Dale-Foulkes.


Comment or subscribe to our youtube channel and let us know which is your favourite and who/what you'd like to see next!

Remote Revellers utilises the internet to offer the following...


         Why send an e-card or email when you can send a personalised piece of theatrical entertainment? Our classically-trained, professional actors can record a specially-requested piece of theatre to be sent to audience members, with options for personalisation.

      Once you and your household have watched everything on iPlayer, why not make an evening really special by watching a piece of VR theatre, in the Revellers’ inimitable intimate style, and discussing it live with the acting company afterwards? VR recordings of past Revels in Hand shows at the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard can be viewed either onscreen or with the use of VR headsets, followed by a live Q&A with the cast (on Zoom / similar.)

      Join a company of actors on Zoom as they engage in a rehearsed reading of your favourite play, with opportunities to ask your own questions afterwards. Just add cheese and wine to make it the ultimate entertainment for a virtual get-together!

      The Remote Revellers can accommodate bookings from anywhere in the world! Pricing is bespoke but generally begins at around £500.



And Roaming Revellers are here to provide live theatre at a distance:

      Roaming Revellers is the closest we can offer to our usual service! It enables audience members to hire actors to perform for them in the flesh, from a socially-distanced position in their gardens, local park, village green or even on their doorsteps! Choose from a menu of speeches, sonnets and scenes and our West-End actors will perform for you from a safe distance. Perfect to send as a special birthday treat for a loved one… or what about including the Roaming Revellers as surprise guests at a family evening barbecue in the garden?

      The Roaming Revellers are available in London and Oxfordshire, but other locations are possible upon request - get in touch if you're interested and we'll let you know if and when we can get an actor to you!

      Prices start from just £50 dependent on location, scene selection and actor availability.


We will occasionally be offering free Remote Revellers experiences via our @revelsinhand Twitter page in an effort to increase accessibility.

Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.

Oscar Wilde

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